UK’s Scariest Debt Collector (Full Length)

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Hi YouTube! Just decided to pick up two more boxes of dimes to search through today. It was more like one box as you will learn as you watch this video. Enjo…
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  1. haha stupid americans are probably like: wtf in other parts of the world
    ppl still use their hands to fight??? omg arent guns meant to do that
    work??? LMAOOO go FUCK YOURSELVES i want to fucking bomb USA with a nuclear

  2. All these stupid Americans hating on the UK. Oh well, haters gonna hate I

  3. That’s what you get when you disarm the people. Here in Possum Trot ,West
    Virginia, they killed off the mafia and bill collectors decades ago.

  4. There is NOTHING scarey about this low life, Fascist piece of shit, Fear is
    a choice.

  5. I never heard this phrase he says in the beginning before. What does
    “Thrown in a boot” mean?

  6. Don’t agree with violence for any reason, but this is life.

    Unfortunately there will always be bullies like these people, but always be
    shit heads leeching from the common public and accumulating debts.

    These people create large amounts of money that need to be paid, and money
    fuels the evil in men.

  7. This is a REAL gangster.
    None of those swag talking, skinny white/black kids in white shirts
    murdering and rioting or destroying anything for no reason.

  8. Never been impressed by guys who have to roll in packs. Gang-mentality is a
    sign of individual weakness. An over abundance of tattoos is also a good
    indicator that a guy doubts himself. Still, I wouldn’t want those meatheads
    knocking on my door(and they wouldn’t like the welcome they’d receive

  9. UK’ s Scariest. I don’t know man take a walk Down Town Johannesburg in
    South-Africa. I bet you and your buddys in your Gym will shit in your pants
    in less than 10 minutes. You wont be so tuff then. I can guarantee that.


  11. I love the subtitles for our Northerners. Even I, from the South of
    England, struggle to understand sometimes! 

  12. Nickles in the US are actually worth more in melt value than in face.
    $0.0518323 is the melt value for the 1946-2013 nickel on January 11, 2013.
    Of course it is illegal to melt them down, just like the pennies, the
    pennies are about two and a half cents each in value last time I checked.
    But I do keep them as my poor mans precious metal, lol.

  13. So are you only keeping the foreign coins and the silver coins? Why not the
    99.9% nickel coins? They are $7 or $8/lb.

  14. Not all 1968 dimes are silver. I have one and did the magnet test and it
    stuck…that’s sucks.

  15. The foreign coin will go to my $0.25 junk bin for the coin show. I don’t
    bother pulling them all ie/ US dimes, 5 pence, etc. just the exceptionally
    exotic ones rarely encounter. Fodder for a good CRH vid 😉

  16. As a collector, I too prefer to call non local coins world coins as its a
    more objective term. The term “foreign” is so subjective and conveys less
    value. My best coin deals on EBay are those that are listed as just old
    “foreign” coins 🙂

  17. Thanks! It’s definitely a numbers game as others may have mentioned before.
    Got to get at least a $250 box of dimes to have fun. 🙂

  18. Plus, illegal to scrap CDN coins in Canada so refiners won’t buy them. It
    will just tie down too much space and cash with no ready buyer around our

  19. Really love your coin hunting videos — as a new stacker — I am just
    amazed to see how much silver is still floating around in pocket change.

  20. That’s true. 1968 was the last year in Canada for silver dimes and
    quarters. They were reduced to 50% silver from previous 80% but mid year
    changed to nickel coinage. I check all 1968 issues with a magnet too and
    sometimes drop them on a counter to listen for the “ching” sound as opposed
    to the “clunk” sound of nickel.

  21. Not in it to hoard for scrap. May make sense for 5 cent coins but not for
    dimes. Takes about 5 rolls to weigh a pound ($25 face). I think nickel 5
    cents are worth $0.08 each. Then I’d really have to look at dates on all.

  22. Others say its not worth the time but depends what is your purpose. I’m a
    collector/hobbyist, so it’s all about the thrill of the hunt. Just like
    some people like lottery/scratch tickets. Mainly for entertainment or
    pastime. If I wanted bulk junk silver, I just buy it when the opportunity
    arises when someone calls me to sell.

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