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  1. I got lucky and got 3 pre ww2 German silver coins. 1 is pre ww1. I also
    have an 1823 Austrian silver coin.

  2. The name ”German silver” refers to its development by 19th century German
    metal workers in imitation of the Chinese alloy known as paktong
    (cupronickel). German silver consists of 60% copper, 20% nickel, 20% zinc
    metal alloys. Please note German silver contains no elemental silver alloy
    Ag47 unless plated. If you are paying more the .39cents per gram for silver
    items you are paying to much. I buy and sell antique silver on the
    side. This is my personal rule of thumb when purchasing items. 

  3. That’s pretty strange you say that. I find that the Nazi coins are the ones
    that go for a premium. Look for one of those WWII 5 Mark coins on eBay –
    while the coin contains something like 12 dollars worth of silver at
    today’s price, they don’t go for less than 30 dollars. Even the 2 mark
    coins command a similar premium. By contrast, I was able to get some
    pre-WWI silver 1/2 and 1 Mark coins at a much better price. I think most
    people simply have a fascination with Nazi stuff.

  4. Good Coins! look my collection (Germany Coins MY COLLECTION*) and (Nazi
    Germany CoinsMY COLLECTION*)

  5. Nazi’s are fucking badass, if jews don’t want a coin just because there is
    a swastika on it they can fuck off and go in a gas chamber

  6. Maria theresa Thaler is a very beautiful coin and has a pretty good silver
    content. Good for investment in Silver. there are many of Maria Theresa
    Thaler in Middle East countries too.

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