40 Comments on “Perth Mint Strikes 10 Kilo Gold & Silver Year of the Dragon Coins”

  1. they put the hole in it to assure you it is pure through out,they even give
    you the pieces that fill the hole,if a thief stole that they couldn’t run
    far,esp the gold one lol,no thanks i’ll take the 1933 and earlier us coins

  2. Wow these massive coins are simply stunning! Perth Mint lunar Year of the
    Dragon coins are my favorite bullion and numismatic coins to buy of all
    time! Great job Perth Mint!

  3. That’s what I was doing in my head too. Damn. I would rather have it in one
    ounce rounds and fractional gold coins.

  4. why would you robbed someone who made a honest fortune? what is moral about
    that?should we live in fear and seclude ourselves from society? you make no

  5. “And then, there’s the 10 kilo Dragon coin, made from 99.99 percent pure
    tungst… er…gold.”

  6. That’s crazy they made a separate machine to make a one-off piece that
    won’t even be for sale. Then the machine gets taken down after the coin is
    made. What they should do is put in a pancake and sell the edible replica
    at the gift shop. Roll it and fill it up with ice-cream in the dragon
    waffle cone.

  7. Just added a couple MS70 pandas to our stack too, but we’re not lucky
    enough to find a 1991 at our LCS yet!

  8. I’m still trying to find a decently priced MS70 2011 panda. Haven’t found
    anything under $100 yet. Cool collection!

  9. Love the Pandas I hope to pick up some when i am in china in the summer.
    You have nice a collection of Pandas keep them coming!

  10. I gotta quote missfrasier1 here, How do you do it! Honestly! lol 🙂 I love
    this sound track selection! It has such a cheery mood, i may go skipping!
    Very nice MisterSilverMonster. 

  11. That 91` and 03` are georgeous!!! Theres just something about a slabbed
    Panda, I cant explain lol….Great video!

  12. Isn’t it amazing how the coins have progressed over the years! I think the
    artistry of the coins just keeps getting better and better. Good Luck and
    God Bless!

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