25 Comments on “New Super Mario Bros. Wii – All Star Coins Collected, World 9-4 Third Star Coin”

  1. @beanerbob13 Believe me when I say that flag bonus points were the least of
    my concerns in clearing this level. 🙂

  2. If you truly finish EVERYTHING you do get a surprise- u have to get all of
    the cannons and other shortcuts

  3. @coolguy1458 Unfortunately, I no longer have my direct feed recording setup
    hooked up any more. I previously recorded games using a WinTV-PVR-USB2 on a
    CRT TV. I now have a HDTV and I don’t foresee being able to afford a
    Hauppage HD PVR or similar product any time soon.

  4. @devin2551 Correct. For example, if you collect all the Star Coins in World
    1, you’ll open the first level of World 9.

  5. @pgxperetz I got every star coin and I thought that something was going to
    happen and then music played and that was all. I was pissed.

  6. I collected the first two Star Coins in World 9-4 on a previous run. I
    recorded to show how to collect the third Star Coin and also demonstrate
    what happens when a player collects all 231 Star Coins.

  7. what? theres 9 worlds? the only other game with a world nine in it is SUper
    Mario Bros 3. YOu use one magic whistle and you get to world 9, but really
    its a warp zone 😛

  8. This is my last one, too. I’ll get it in the next days, hopefully, when
    I’ll get some spare time.

  9. @totallyawsomeraddude A greater sense of satisfaction? 🙂 That’s about all,
    though. There’s also a little tune that plays after collecting all Star

  10. When I got all the start coins in the game I was pretty disappointed that
    nothing more special happened than a little diddle tune and a 4-start icon
    on the saved game. Anyone find a special secret that you can only get with
    all 231 coins? On Mario 64 for example, I remember that cannon in the map
    world outside would open and shoot you on the roof, and then you could find
    yoshi there who had a special message.

  11. @DeathKnightBally Super Mario World is still my favorite 2D Mario game, but
    NSMBW is excellent in its own right.

  12. @BlueRaikou I did it just to complete everything in the game. I had hoped
    for a bit more fanfare as well, but I’m glad I was able to accomplish every
    goal in NSMBW.

  13. @pgxperetz im in the same boat i think super mario world is the best game
    ever made hands down if you are a true nintendo fan of any kind you would

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