25 Comments on “New Super Mario Bros. 2 – 100% Walkthrough – Intro & World 1 (All Star Coins & Secret Exits)”

  1. Slightly unrelated question but I want to know: I noticed you put tags in
    the description, which I have seen other Youtubers do too. Are you simply
    showcasing your video tags there or are the description tags completely

  2. The gameplay is as good as ever and it is fun while it lasts, but there’s
    nothing new too it and it feels like you’ve seen it before. And it is very
    easy and very short. Don’t get me wrong now, it is still a good game, but
    definitely the worst game in the “New Super Mario Bros.” franchise, so
    don’t expcet anything really special. I’d recommend it, but if you have too
    choose between games, Mario 3D Land would be a better choice. If you wanna
    play Co-op though, buy NSMB2.

  3. Hope you will also do New Super Mario Bros U 100% soon! But nice for doing
    one of my fav 3ds games! 😀

  4. I don’t own an XL at the moment, but the 3DS in general is very solid and
    is developing a very big library of solid games. I would like more open
    world/sandbox type games on it, however. OoT 3D proves that those games can
    be great on the 3DS.

  5. I am not sure exactly how search tags work, but youtube seems to have a
    character limit on the tags you put in the video tag section, so when I
    have longer ones I usually end up putting them in the description, but I’m
    guessing they end up not mattering much. Typically I just put the longer
    ones in there like “New Super Mario Bros. 2 100% Walkthrough”. That, for
    example would not fit as one tag in the video description tags.

  6. Alright, Hey! Are you getting Super Mario 3D World? It will be a fun game,
    Huh? I’m getting that for Christmas! 😀

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