25 Comments on “Metalstorm online. littlebritt1998 MO-10 Condor coins”

  1. I played and earned every dollars into this game. No hacking to get money
    or coins. Spend lots of time but fun….

  2. What Tier are you on now? I think you will need to finish either Tier 1 or
    2 in order for the Multiplayer to be active. Also, you will need to have
    Wi-Fi to work. Good luck

  3. After you finished the Tier-1 (not sure exactly when). I think during the
    middle of Tier 2, then this feature will appear. If you’re using Android,
    then I think not available.

  4. Sorry, I have not tried on the Android yet so I can’t tell exactly why. As
    for my iPhone, I noticed that when I turned off the Wi-Fi, I can’t play the
    Multiplayer. Also, I think CSR RAcing has an updated version so you may
    want to update it and see if this bug will be fixed.

  5. I can’t play online , plz help coz finish all levels n still no online
    option in my Samsung galaxy s3 ,, y ?

  6. I think you’re right. Seemed like we’re playing with a computer that saved
    our username but the racing were generated by a computer.

  7. Online Multiplayer not available on Android. You need to on IOS
    iPhone/iPad/iPod touch

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